The Mackenzie Family
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E. Y. Mackenzie
Edwin Yarrington Mackenzie came to Jamaica from Devon, in the West of England, in 1847. He was a watch maker, and had his business on Harbour Street, in the commercial heart of Kingston. The item below, from the report of the Municipal Board's meeting, shows both the status he had acquired after two decades, and his prickliness about that status.
Daily Gleaner 1867 September 30, page 2

The problems of time keeping are also clearly illustrated; there was no 'standard time' for Kingston even, let alone the whole island.

Two months later his competence was again emphasised.
Daily Gleaner' 1867 November 14

He was next mentioned in 1875, although his name was still incorrectly spelt, in an item in the Gleaner about one of his workmen who had stolen from him.

During this period Mackenzie rented part of his Harbour Street premises to a Cuban photographer, Otavio Bavastro; Bavastro and his brother, Ernesto, were close associates of Antonio Maceo, one of the leaders of the Cuban independence movement.
Daily Gleaner 1881 December 21
Antonio Maceo Grajales (1845-1896)
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F. J. Mackenzie nee Lewis


Arthur Ford Mackenzie

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