Arthur Ford Mackenzie 1861-1905
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About Arthur Ford Mackenzie

This site tells the story of a remarkable man who was born and died in Kingston, Jamaica, and who achieved a world-wide reputation as a composer of chess problems. This site provides an opportunity of restoring him to a proper place in Jamaica's historical record. He died on June 23rd, 1905, a hundred and four years ago.
Joy Lumsden

Sir John Tenniel's 'Alice through the Looking Glass' chess men. 


Arthur Ford Mackenzie was one of the most unusual men Jamaica has produced. He was indeed a Jamaican: although his parents were from England, he was born in Kingston on October 6 1861, and he died in Kingston on June 23 1905. There is no indication that he ever left the island, maybe never even travelling further than Spanish Town.

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Arthur Ford Mackenzie

Arthur Ford Mackenzie


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